It’s official, the inmates are running the asylum in Oregon

Your driver’s licence is an official document. The photo that is selected for use on it must follow strict guidelines although occasionally someone with a sense of humour figures out how to make a mockery of the rules. A number of people claiming to be Pastafarians (a religion) have had their photo taken with a colander on their head.


In Oregon they have gone one step further by changing the SEX part of the licence. Previously you could only select M for Male or?F for female but now in Oregon they can declare that their sex is X


Beginning next month, transgender people, or ?nonbinary? as they like to be called, will have a new option to choose for gender on their driver?s license.

…a third option will be added: ?X,? for nonbinary people who choose no gender. You read that right ? you can now be identified as an X-Man in Oregon. Or X-Woman. Or X-Person.


…Transgender and intersex Oregonians say the change validates their identities and makes them safer as they hand over their licenses at restaurants, health clinics and airports.

…The rule change follows a historic precedent set last year when a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge allowed Portland Army veteran Jamie Shupe to legally identify as neither male nor female. Legal experts believed the ruling was a first in the United States.

An estimated 20,000 Oregonians identify as transgender, according to The Williams Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles. A 2015 nationwide survey of 28,000 transgender people found that more than a third identified as neither male nor female.

Since Shupe?s win, judges in Polk and Benton counties have allowed transgender Oregonians to change their legal gender to neither male nor female.

If an official licence is allowed to state something that is not factually true ( there is no third sex ) then what is to stop the other categories being changed as well? I identify as a 6 foot 3 person not 5 foot 4. I have decided that my eyes are blue, not brown and my weight is 12 kilos lighter than I am in reality because I want to be thin.