Phelan Pirrie has never met a special rate he didn’t like

Phelan Pirrie is at it again…offering up more rates increases, special ones mind, in order to fund a non-existent train service to Huapai and Kumeu.

The residents of rural Rodney are so fed up with clogged-up roads they are considering paying more in rates to secure a rail service.

Huge growth in the Kumeu-Huapai area and poor public transport is impacting the car-dependant community, many of whom back a proposal for a rail service to Huapai.

Thousands of new houses are being built in the north-west, with plans to turn the area into a mini city with more than 25,000 new homes over the next 15 years.


The board is proposing a transport targeted rate to help get a rail trial under way and other transport improvements, like park and ride stations and road sealing.

Board deputy chairman Phelan Pirrie said the rate could be a rollover of the current transport targeted rate of about $114, due to expire in July next year.

If the board gets enough support for the idea, it will draw up specific proposals next year.

That is the local board with two ACT party former candidates and supporters…proposing special rates. They have already proposed one for roading now they are proposing one for rail transport.

Here is the thing…that article signals it…this will forever be rolled over because rail services never make money and therefore the case, if one exists, for a special rate to continue the service will always exist.

Why should non users of rail services pay a special rate for services they don’t or will never use? By way of example the last time I took a train in Auckland was when I was about 14…on a scout trip to Waitakere.

These special rates are a way for councillors and board members to abrogate their promises of no rates increases. On top of that these special rates will never go away.

Watch this grow. There will be a special rate for infrastructure, a special rate for culture, a special rate for Brian Rudman’s theatre, a special rate for giving money to Maori interests, and a special rate for giving money to bludgers.

Infrastructure is what councils are supposed to do, not waste money on boondoggles and charity cases.

Phelan Pirrie has forgotten his roots. He’s drunk Phil Goff’s Koolaid. No wonder Phil Goff runs around telling other councillors and board members that they should look to Phelan Pirrie for how things should be done.


-NZ Herald