Presumably the teacher unions will be complaining about this school

The teacher unions object to charter schools on the basis that they get far more funding than state schools for their numbers.

I wonder then what they have to say about this school, Pukehina School, which has just 10 students left on its roll?

Fairfax’s School Report shows that Pukehina School receives $267,192 in direct government funding, which translates to a budget of $24,290.18 per student.

By way of comparison Te Aratika Academy which is a charter school had some publicity when Labour and the unions were aghast that $15000 per student was being spent, which included start up costs.

The PPTA’s estimate for Te Aratika included start-up costs and funding for property, but its average for state students did not.

He said any new school looked expensive on a per-student basis.

“The government announced $12 million of funding to build a school that will open with only 80 students. That’s an enormous amount of money. If you work out a cost of capital of 10 percent for the government then that is $15,000 per student.”

Mr Seymour said the PPTA calculation also assumed a full year of funding for a roll of 67 at Te Aratika, but that was not how the charter school’s funding worked.

“They get $12,500 per student and they have a provisional nominal roll of 67 in term one,” he said.

After that, the school would be remunerated for a new roll, which would be some combination of its actual roll and an agreed nominal roll, for the rest of the year.

So, the PPTa and the Labour party made a massive fuss over a charter school receiving funding of $15000 per student, including their start up costs, but are strangely silent on a state school that is funded $24,290 per student.


-NZ Herald, RadioNZ