Road maggots now demanding lower speed limits

Road maggots are now demanding that we lower speed limits…I’m not joking:

Current speed limits have left cyclists fearing for their safety.

The Cycling Action Network is calling for blanket cuts to speed limits on urban and rural roads.

As NZTA speed submissions close, the group wants urban limits changed from 50 to as low as 30 kilometers per hour.   

Spokesperson Patrick Morgan said this is because people are dying on our road – and many of them are cyclists.

“Mixing with fast traffic can be quite scary, so it puts a lot of people off cycling,” Morgan explained.

“Faster urban speeds increases the chance and the severity of crashes.”

He said lowering speed limits has reduced crash statistics overseas.

“We lose more than 300 people a year through road trauma. We need to be doing things that protect people, rather than putting their safety at risk.

Two words – Get Fucked.

This womble, Patrick Morgan, says that “mixing with fast traffic can be quite scary”…don’t do it then.

As for his claim that “people are dying on our road – and many of them are cyclists”, it is pure unadulterated bullshit.  The statistics of road deaths show that is a lie.

In the year to date only 7 cyclists have died on our roads. In the last 12 months only 10. In 2016 it was 2 for the whole year and 6 for the same 12 month rolling period. So, it isn’t many when you consider that all other deaths so far this year amount to 159. That means so far this year cyclist deaths amount to just 4% of all road deaths to date. For the past 12 months it is just 2%.

When Road Maggots pay ACC levies and vehicle registrations I’ll start listening to them. In the meantime they can stay off my roads.

Patrick Morgan wants to inconvenience hundreds of thousands, if not millions of motorists for just 2% of road user deaths. Fuck off.

Imagine the carnage in Auckland if urban limits were lowered to 30km/h. Mind you with all their unused cycling lanes in some areas it is down to 30km/h.

Cyclists have become the most selfish users of roads and unjustified since they don’t even pay for them.

Time for a campaign to force them to register and licence their bikes, a proper cyclists licence, road user charges and heavy ACC levies.




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