Roy Morgan disaster for Labour

The latest Roy Morgan poll delivers a disaster for Andrew Little:

In June New Zealand?s governing National Party has jumped 3.5% to 46.5% after Finance Minister Steven Joyce handed down a New Zealand Budget projecting a string of surpluses over the next few years. National are now well ahead of the opposition Labour/Greens alliance which dropped 3% to 39.5%. ?

  • The overall support for the governing National-led coalition was up 4% to 49% with National support up 3.5% to 46.5%, support for the Maori Party unchanged on 1.5%, Act NZ up 0.5% to 1% and support for United Future unchanged at 0%.
  • Support for a potential Labour/Greens alliance was down 3% to 39.5% caused entirely by the 3% drop in support for Labour, now on 25.5%, while support for the Greens was unchanged at 14%. Support for New Zealand First was down 1% to 9%.
  • Support for the parties currently outside Parliament was unchanged at 2.5%.

This is an utter disaster for Andrew Little who is now inside the 90 days that Labour’s constitution allows for the caucus to roll him.

Coupled with his “intern” disaster this does not bode well for Andrew Little’s future, now or indeed in 90 days time.

The election is now less than 3 months away and Labour are at the same level they were 3 years ago after David Cunliffe got cleaned out, and still 10 points behind where David Shearer had managed to get Labour.

It is obvious that the “Jacinda Effect” is non-existent.

It will be almost impossible to peg that back now. Little’s only hope is that National knifes Bill English as a result of the Privileges Committee finding…but that may just unleash a better leader from National.


-Roy Morgan