Before and after shots of Whaleoil subscribers and their pets

You may be unaware of the transformative power of a Whaleoil subscription. We here at Whaleoil have been asking our subscribers to send us before and after photos of themselves so that you can see for yourself just what a difference a Whaleoil subscription can make.

Regular reader and occasional commenter Bob has been amazed at the changes…..

Bob has made Whaleoil part of his exercise regime and finds that a good debate on Whaleoil pumps him up and motivates him to visit the gym five days a week.


Before his owner got a Whaleoil subscription Rex didn’t care about his appearance at all and spent most of his day hanging around with Cats who were into catnip. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life but now he has found purpose and takes pride in his appearance.

Puss and Boots

Puss and Boots were both kittens when their owner first signed up to Whaleoil and just like their?original baby beds they feel right at home and never want to give it up.


Gladys was always a tough old bird but reading Whaleoil has changed her outlook on life. “I was thrilled to discover that Conservatives are the new black,” she said. I have updated my wardrobe and enjoy shocking them all at bowls every Saturday with my “controversial” views.


Transform your life with a Whaleoil subscription today.