Is Simon Flood really that stupid?

Pawn of the “Evil Six”, Simon Flood, is apparently thinking about being the human sacrifice to the angry people of Clutha Southland.

Simon Flood, a former Merrill Lynch banker from Queenstown, is understood to be considering another tilt at the National party candidacy for the electorate.

Flood challenged Barclay for the position last year ? a rare move against an incumbent in a safe National seat ? and is believed to have strong support outside the party’s membership.

Either he is blessed with a special kind of stupid or he is seriously into masochism.

The only people who have a say on the selection are the local National party members. No board interference. No public vote. Just the long standing members of Clutha Southland who will elect their selection committee from a group of people who are exceptionally pissed off with the Evil Six and their successful attempt to subvert the party’s democratic processes.

You?d expect a finance guy to be able to count numbers better than this, although if you are stupid enough to run a challenge at selection and lose you are probably destined to continue to lose repeatedly anyway.

If the local members put up a donkey it would beat Simon Flood such is the anger down in Clutha-Southland.

The only question now in the minds of National party delegates is whether Simon Flood is the giant douche or the turd sandwich.