Since when has Twitter ever gained a single vote?

I always say to politicians that Twitter is a waste of space politically.

The left-wing love it, of course, but I always say to a politician who asks my advice that there is not a single vote to be gained in using Twitter and plenty of votes to lose.

The Prime Minister has admitted the Minister for Disability Issues has made a mistake with her insulting tweet.

Bill English said Nicky Wagner had not meant to be offensive after she publicly wished she was out on Auckland Harbour rather than doing her job.

“Nicky is a very strong advocate for the disability community,” English told journalists at today’s opening of the Waterview tunnel.

“It was easily misunderstood and she has fixed that and that is appropriate.

“No one would believe that Nicky Wagner set out to be offensive to people with disabilities,” English said.

He had not spoken with her about the issue yet.

Calls have started for Wagner to quit.

Labour MP Grant Robertson called for her resignation.

“Oh. My. God.

“You are the Minister for Disabilities, show some respect. Actually, come to think of it, just resign and go be on the harbour.”

English said Wagner should not resign.

Wagner posted to Twitter on June 14 that she’d rather be out on the harbour than in disability meetings.

Grant Robertson is just being a dickhead. If resigning because of Twitter bombs is what should happen then half his caucus would be out of jobs. Trevor Mallard is one of the worst, followed closely by Sue Moroney. But then that has never bothered socialists.

People who follow you on Twitter are in one of two camps, those who love you, and those who hate you. Those who love you are already locked into voting for you, those who hate you will never change their vote because of something you’ve tweeted, rather they will be like Grant Robertson, just looking to troll you.

Only 7% of the population, if that, use Twitter so it is pointless as a political tool. Other than the media just loves to make stories of foolish idiots tweeting dumb shit.

No one ever changed their vote because of a cool or clever tweet.

Politicians should be discouraged from using Twitter, it is pointless.

Nicky Wagner has just proved that point.


-NZ Herald