Sky TV and Phill Goff are the same. Both looking to charge for anything not already nailed down

Remember Auckland Council trying to charge for anything at all? ?Parking in Pukekohe. ?Spreading ashes. ?And more recently targeted rates having started with an attack on the Accommodation industry.

Well. ?Sky TV is similarly short of funds and are looking for additional income streams. ?They have started suing NZME and Fairfax over fair use of sports clips for news articles.

But they have really become creative now… ?

Sky Television attempted to sting Team New Zealand for nearly $70,000 to meet the costs of providing New Zealand commentary for the America’s Cup racing.

Emirates Team New Zealand executives are said to be astonished by the attitude of Sky, who locked up the broadcast rights at a cut-rate price, but have shown little interest in providing New Zealand audiences with localised coverage.

The services of veteran America’s Cup commentators Martin Tasker and Peter Lester, who are already in Bermuda providing content on behalf of Team NZ’s sponsors, were offered to Sky at no cost.

Sky boss John Fellet requested Team NZ stump up $68,000 to cover the additional expenses.

These are the death throes of Sky TV. ? The need for short term money is blinding them to the damage to their long term business.

People will walk.

Anyway. ?BT Sport 1 are playing it all live anyway. ? Who needs Sky TV?


– NZ Herald