Spittlebug blog admits to using Whaleoil as click bait!


I have previously explained why you should subscribe to Whaleoil in order to prevent the Spittlebug’s extinction because the Spittlebug feeds off Whaleoil posts. Yesterday it was made very clear just how important it is that you subscribe to Whaleoil as it turns out that Whaleoil is the Spittlebug’s primary food source and?it?will starve to death without it!

To those who question why I post on WO and Slater…

? Posts exposing WO and holding them to account usually attract quite a few comments, aided by the sock puppets.
? Posts exposing WO and holding them to account consistently attract amongst the highest number of clicks/page views, showing there is an interest in them.


Whaleoil has clearly reached peak awesomeness if we are so interesting that we can be used as click bait!

Love us or hate us it is clear that no one can ignore us.