This is bad news how?

A window washer mugger got run down yesterday in Manukau…it wasn’t me even though I went through that intersection twice today.

A windscreen washer has been hit by a car at a busy intersection in Manukau City.

A witness said the man was hit when a car turned from Cavendish Drive south into Great South Rd, and laid on the road for 10 or 15 minutes until an ambulance arrived.

St John Ambulance confirmed that a call was received at 10.44am and the man was taken to Middlemore Hospital with “serious injuries”.

The witness said about eight police cars arrived before the ambulance officers were able to move the man.

“We think we saw them put on a neck brace and put him on a stretcher. He didn’t seem to move at all,” the witness said.

He said the driver of the car, an older man, stopped immediately.

“A window-washer walked the older man off to the side,” the witness said. “He seemed pretty shocked.”

Police Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley confirmed that the victim was believed to have been washing car windows.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

These guys are nothing short of muggers.

I think it is time to stop wasting effort with silly members bills and just have the council impose bylaws to deal with them.

They should be licensed to operate on roads, and have completed a STMS course on traffic management and hazards. They should definitely wear OSH safety clothing to deal with the hazards in the area. Those would be high viz jackets, preferably in pink. Steel cap boots to avoid the hazard of having ones toes run over. Filtered masks for exhaust fumes, not to mention safety goggles in case they get some soapy water in their eyes. Finally they should wear a visible photo identification card and carry Third Party Liability Insurance.

If those things were implemented then I’d suggest window washers would disappear overnight.


-NZ Herald