EU uses legal Jihad against Polish,Hungarian and Czech Republic governments

Legal Jihad has been used against President Trump to try to prevent him from protecting America by instituting a temporary travel ban on dangerous countries and the European Commission?has started legal proceedings against three European?Union member states for protecting their countries by refusing to accept migrants.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have been accused of not fulfilling their obligations outlined in a 2015 plan to relocate migrants from Italy and Greece,?to help ease their burden.

“I regret to see that, despite our repeated calls to pledge to relocate, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland have not yet taken the necessary action,” the?EU’s?migration commissioner,?Dimitris?Avramopoulos, told a news conference.

Imagine that you joined Neighbourhood watch to protect your street and agreed to take your turn patrolling the street at night. Now imagine that two of your neighbours chose to invite large groups of troubled teenagers to live in their homes who get drunk and high most nights and who have been damaging the homes they are living in and costing the homeowners a fortune to house and feed. They roam the streets at night and cause havoc but you live behind a high fence and have a guard dog called Satan so they leave you alone.

Now imagine that the members of the Neighbourhood Watch ask you to do your part by housing some of these teens as they think that if everyone in the street takes 2-3 of the teens the problem will become more manageable. You refuse so the next thing you know they are taking you to court.

The Commission is now launching infringement procedures against the three nations, which would allow the top EU court to potentially impose fines. However, the legal battle could take?months, even years,?to conclude.

The?Polish?and Hungarian governments?refused to take anyone in, while?the Czech Republic initially accepted 12 people but has since said it would not welcome more.In a separate legal battle on the matter, Hungary and Slovakia have challenged the agreement altogether in a top EU court and an indication of the ruling is due next month.

I fail to see why these countries should be forced to bear the consequences of other countries foolish decisions. If they can’t handle the migrants then they shouldn’t have taken them in. Why can’t they return them instead of forcing their bad decisions on countries sensible enough to protect their citizens and enforce?their borders?

The National Democratic Party organised a demonstration against Germany?s asylum law after the U.N. refugee agency reported that more than 158,450 people, including over 50,000 in July alone, had arrived on the shores of Greece last year