Upcoming election “Yawnfest” needs an immigration rocket

Last election I was on the edge of my seat on election night. It was very exciting and Cam and I were jumping around the lounge whooping with joy when National’s victory was announced.

This coming election I am struggling to feel any enthusiasm at all. National is more left-wing than ever and there is no one so far grabbing my attention or enthusiasm with a policy capable of shaking voters out of their apathy. As bland as plum pudding the current political menu offers little in terms of flavour.

I want a policy that will make people sit up and take notice. I want a policy that will upset as many people as it thrills. I want a political party prepared to gain 10-15%% of the vote by upsetting 85-90% of the vote. In short, I want a guaranteed vote winner from a party. I want an immigration rocket packed with flavour that people will either love or hate.

National can get away with being bland and uninspiring but minor parties like Act and NZF and the Maori Party need to GRAB attention with something new and controversial. They cannot afford to have broad appeal, they need to stand out.

Labour gave it a go but their rocket fizzled. Winston so far is all talk and no policy and Act is a libertarian version of what National used to be and continues to play it safe.


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