More wasted health dollars on troughers, this time to find racism causes ill health

Add three more names to the troughers list.

The impact of racism on the health of New Zealanders will go under the microscope thanks to an $800,000 research grant to Wellington researchers.

Using data from the New Zealand Health Survey, Drs James Stanley, Ricci Harris and Donna Cormack from the University of Otago, Wellington will spend the next three years working to determine whether racism leads to poorer health across all ethnic groups.

“It is important to understand how racism affects health so that we can better intervene to reduce its negative health effects,” the researchers said in a jointly-written summary.

They’ve already pre-supposed that racism causes health effects!

“We know that people of Maori, Pacific and Asian ethnicities experience the highest levels of racism.”

They will recruit peoplewho participated in the 2016/17 survey and reported experiencing racism, compare them with similar people who hadn’t experienced racism, and re-interview them all about their health status in two years’ time.

“We can then determine if people who experienced racism had a different change in health in this period.”

They pointed out racism affects more areas than just health, “and it should be addressed and eliminated more broadly”.

The Government-funded Health Research Council awarded the project $818,257 in its latest funding round.

Wouldn’t that have been better spent on hip replacements?

Shouldn’t their research look at all races, not just the select group? Talk about confirmation bias.

How are they going to define “experienced racism”?

This is mumbo-jumbo and not health research at all.

No doubt their findings will necessitate large amounts of cash being showered on Maori.

What a crock. Nice work if you can get it.




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