Will Denise Lee suffer at List Ranking?

National candidate for Maungakiekie Denise Lee surprised everyone in National when she voted for Phil Goff?s pillow tax.

This was despite a lot of lobbying from National Party Board Member Alastair Bell, who was trying to ensure National candidates actually followed party policy, and listened to him.

Obviously Denise failed to do either, so there are?a lot of angry people in National who can?t believe National have a candidate who basically rolls over whenever anyone puts some pressure on her. ?

Goff pulled out all the stops, and Goff won because he convinced a National candidate that his tax was something they should vote for.

The tipline has been running hot that Alastair Bell is furious because he has been made to look like a right fool by Denise, and his clients are very, very unhappy with him.

So now there is talk of a plan to give Denise a very low list position so she learns quickly that you cannot defy National Party policy and expect to get away with it, even if you are from the wet or Nikki Kaye wing of the National Party.

Let’s see how she copes when the rumoured third party campaign, funded by angry moteliers, gets underway against her.

Oh, and Denise, still waiting for your call to explain why you voted to remove the set net ban in Arkles Bay that you promised you would make last year.