Winston is upsetting the liberal elites and loving it


Winston Peters has upset the liberal elites by actually being sensible, far more sensible than Bill English I might add.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has been condemned for “naked political opportunism” after he called for Muslim communities to “clean house” and turn in terrorists in the wake of the London attacks.

Peters made his comments in support of a Government motion to condemn the terror attack in London, and offer condolences and support to victims and the people of the United Kingdom.

They were immediately condemned by Act leader David Seymour, while United Future leader Peter Dunne warned against “the forces of bigotry and intolerance who will milk these events for every opportunity that they can”.

Sorry Seymour…and Dunne, you are actually part of the problem, not the solution. Winston Peters is going to pick up votes for his strong stance here.

Peters told Parliament there was a tendency to minimise terror attacks as the act of self-radicalised, lone wolves.

“That needs to be completely re-thought in the West…we must ask, ‘how could people plan such terrible deeds but leave their friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and spouses completely in the dark?’ Inevitably we will be told that the wider community knew nothing, and neither did friends or family,” Peters said.

“What is happening is that family, friends and confidants are choosing to turn the other cheek, are choosing silence, rather than to turn these monsters in. That may be the culture of Damascus, but it is not ours. It may be acceptable in Tripoli, but it most certainly is not acceptable in New Zealand.

Peters said the “Islamic community” needed to “clean house” by “turning these monsters in”.

“It starts with their own families. For New Zealand, we must avoid the same politically correct trap that has allowed such communities apart to form. That is, it is we who must change, they say, as a society to accommodate the cultural practices and traditions of others.

“No longer. We must stop the slide as a people, as a culture in the West…before we see in this country, in a New Zealand locality, a repeat of these events.

I’m with Winston on this. So will be many voters.

The time of posturing prevaricators and excuse makers is over.

-NZ Herald