Yet another amazing technological advance from Israel

The eTree also offers a water fountain, free Wi-Fi, an LCD screen for surfing the internet, electrical outlets and benches. There?s even a trough filled with water for your dog!

For such a tiny country Israel could possibly be the most inventive country in the world. Israeli technology is often groundbreaking and extraordinary particularly their medical?technology. If you want to see what I mean I suggest you follow ? keep abreast of their latest designs.

Articles include:

Israel?s CollPlant To 3D-Print Human Organs Using Tobacco-Derived Collagen

Cannabis Can Reverse Aging Process And Enhance Brain Performance

Desalination Nation: How Israel Is Helping The World Fight Water Shortage

One article that caught my eye was a mobile app that does a whole lot more than the fictional app I just watched last night on the show Silicon Valley. On the show, an app was developed that could correctly identify food. Israeli startup AclarTech’s actual mobile app can monitor, in real time, the ripeness, freshness and quality of fruit and vegetables.

The Ness Ziona, Israel-based firm?s AclaroMeter will change the way farmers make their decisions and will ?revolutionize? the global food market by helping prevent wasted products and making them accessible to wider populations…

Today, farmers decide when to pick fruit based on instinct or lab tests. ?These methods are extremely inefficient and not standardized, leading to a yearly loss of approximately 50% of worldwide grown fruit? and vegetables… with some wasted even before it gets to consumers? homes.

AclarTech’s app enables users to assess quality and freshness of produce (Courtesy)

With the Aclaro meter, users scan the fruit with their built-in smartphone camera and with a standard portable molecular sensor…

This captures a large set of measurements about the fruit and its environment, revealing data like the fruit?s sugar content, acidity, firmness, weight and color, as well as its GPS location and weather conditions at the time of sampling. The data is then uploaded to the cloud and is processed by a tailormade algorithm that compares the data to tens of thousands of other samples of previously inspected fruit.

The algorithm then grades the scanned fruit for freshness, ripeness and quality within a few seconds…This data can help farmers decide when to pick their produce and monitor its freshness as it moves along the food chain via packaging houses to retailers and end users.

…AclarTech is part of the portfolio companies of TechForGood, an organization operating in Israel and South East Asia that aims to help startups to use technology to solve social and environmental challenges.