A mouse roars

I’ve called David Seymour a clown before, and when you see press releases like this you can see why:

“Between Metiria Turei and Winston Peters, the political Opposition offers New Zealand a cabal of crooks as an alternative Government,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Metiria?s admission is looking worse each day, as it?s revealed she chose political activism over finding work, while claiming an inflated DPB,” says ACT Deputy Leader Beth Houlbrooke.

“And there are new questions surfacing about whether her child was actually under her care for the full period she claimed the benefit. This may have been 20 years ago, but she?s doubled down on her fraud this election by using it to score political points.

“Metiria Turei?s proud theft of taxpayer money qualifies her perfectly as a Green Party activist. However, it should exclude her from ever entering Government. The people who write our laws should not thieve from the taxpayers who already pay their salaries.

“That goes for Winston Peters too,” says Mr Seymour.

“Yesterday in the House he claimed to have ?paid out? the $158,000 in taxpayer money he illegally spent during the 2005 election. The truth is Parliamentary Services never got this money back, leaving taxpayers with the bill. I?ve laid a complaint with the Privileges Committee today over Mr Peters? attempt to mislead the House. Just like Metiria Turei, Winston Peters is a fraud, and should never be let near the baubles of office again.

“The safest way to keep the cabal of cooks out of Parliament is with a stronger ACT. With more MPs we?ll ensure stable National-led Government, while also forcing National to address issues they?ve ignored, like New Zealand?s chronic housing and infrastructure deficit.”

That might have been useful if David Seymour had a few more MPs, or even remotely looked like having a few more MPs in parliament after the election. He won’t as right now he isn’t even an insurance policy.

This sort of stuff is just childish. Either he or his press secretary or possibly both seem to have all the smarts of a 13-year-old playing Minecraft. I’m surprised he didn’t call someone a ‘noob‘.

Then again with press releases like this maybe he is the ‘noob’.


-ACT party