Absurdity: Waterview Tunnel’s opening a closely guarded secret

Supplied NZTA via RNZ

Motorists wanting to be first through Auckland’s new Waterview Tunnel will have to play a guessing game with the Transport Agency refusing to say when it will open.

After months of delays the $1.4 billion tunnel is set to open in early July, but the exact date remains a secret with the only confirmation being that it would not be [today].

In a written statement, Auckland Highways manager Brett Gliddon said in the past there had been a large number of people wanting to use new routes.

“This created long queues of people waiting on the side of the motorway, which became a safety issue. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring we will not be announcing the exact opening time.”

Erm… and the Lions playing at Eden Park isn’t a safety issue? ?Ed Shearan or Adele playing a concert isn’t a safety issue?

I call BS on this. ?Just like increased traffic due to knowing it will open will be a challenge, surely being directed into a different direction without any prior warning also causes its share of potential problems?

If a day and time was known, at least those of us who are half sensible have a chance to avoid getting stuck in the Waterview Traffic Surprise.