The Announcement Party announces more houses it can’t deliver

I’m not saying it’s easy to deal with housing shortages in a reasonable time frame, but National have clearly done little more than fluff about the edges.

A billion dollar housing bribe after nine years of sitting on their hands won?t fool New Zealanders, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“There just aren?t enough houses and there?s no way the National government can build them in a hurry by making a pie in the sky announcement.

“In fact it is sad for this country that the government has the audacity to announce a one billion fund for housing infrastructure only 75 days out from the election – even the town idiot would recognise it as desperation.

“Let?s remember that in 2007 the former Prime Minister told New Zealanders, prior to the election, there was a housing crisis, and he had a plan.

“From 2008 onwards, for nine long years, his government did nothing.

“Now when it?s on shaky election ground, it rolls out a billion dollar package.

Everyone knew that the government couldn’t deliver housing in quantities needed to make even a dent in the problem. ?So the only thing left has been to make announcements to create the appearance of progress. ? Houses are appearing in quantities of single and double digits when the backlog runs into the tens of thousands.

“The infrastructure projects announced today will speed up the delivery of 60,000 houses across our fastest growing population centres over the next ten years,” Mr English says.

“This is another major step forward in our plan to permanently lift the capacity of the construction sector to support a more confident, expanding New Zealand.”

The funding will be allocated across nine projects in five different council areas, Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga and Queenstown.

“I want to congratulate the Councils in these areas for their positive engagement with the fund and the quality of the infrastructure projects they have proposed,” Mr English says.

“These projects will make their contribution to lifting housing supply alongside the Government?s own Crown Building Project, the Special Housing Areas, our planning changes, and the already record levels of new home construction taking place across New Zealand.”

One billion, 60,000 houses, ten years.

And not a single person will have a new roof over their heads this year, next year and possibly even the year after that. ?Such is the reality of the housing problem.

But National has had three years to make a difference in this area, and everyone know that just about 95% of the houses remain… announced.