Another $2.4 million of government money paid to Clinton Foundation

The Taxpayers’ Union reports:

Back in January, we exposed the $7.7 million NZ Aid had paid to the ?Clinton Health Access Initiative? a subsidiary of the controversial Clinton Foundation. We hosted a?petition calling for the funding to cease?and our staff?even took to the streets asking people whether there are better uses for taxpayers’ money than a political charity.

After Murry McCully stood down, we wrote to the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gerry Brownlee,?asking him to veto further funding.

This morning we revealed that another $2.4 million has been paid this year. ?Minister Brownlee says the payments will continue because, he claims, the ?Clinton Health Access Initiative? is not a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation and that it is “independent”.?You can read the details here.

Your humble Taxpayers? Union has dug out the public charity filings of the Clinton Health Access Initiative. They show that far from being ?independent?, the Clinton Foundation actually appoint the board of the Initiative ??President Bill Clinton, and daughter Chelsea are even on it.

We have written back to the Minister to point out that the power to appoint the board alone make the Initiative?a subsidiary of the Foundation under both New Zealand law and international accounting standards. Either Gerry Brownlee is trying to pull the wool over the public?s eyes, or his officials have completely misled him (and $9.1 million of our money has been paid out on false pretences!).

The Australian Government has pulled the plug on funding the Clinton Health Access Initiative.? Apparently, it considers there are higher priorities closer to home.? Hear hear!

You can add your name to our petition calling for the funding to cease here, or perhaps call Minister Brownlee’s office on?(04) 817 6802?to let his staff know what you think about this use of your taxpayer money. Let us know by return email how you get on.

Come on Gerry, sort it out.

If the Clinton’s are appointing directors then they are running it.

One reader emailed:

My wife phoned Brownlee?s office ? and basically rebutted his earlier comment about the Clinton Health?Access Initiative not being ?independent? of the Clinton Foundation for reasons stated by the Taxpayers Union.

Also she believed Govt had much higher priorities than the further $2.4 mn (totaling ?~$10m) recently paid over to the CAHI.

Apparently the Minister?s Office has been fielding calls all afternoon along similar lines.

It is the Israel situation all over again. Ignore those emails and calls at your peril Gerry.


-Taxpayers Union