Australian Imam needs $30,000 to protect him from followers of the religion of peace

If you have ever wondered why there are so few ” Moderate” Muslims speaking out about terrorism and the dark underbelly of Islamic literature wonder no more. The cost of speaking out is enormous. Recently Australian Imam Tawhidi?did a video that he posted to Facebook where he translated Arabic text so that his followers could see the horrific child abuse and child rape that was sanctioned in a book of Sharia law from Iran. The book in detail described all the sexual things that are permissible to do to a baby for the sexual pleasure of a man. It was a book he was forced to study during his Imam training.

It is this kind of willingness to expose the things that are wrong with Islam that has put his life in danger.

Australian Imam?Tawhidi?is under siege from other Muslims. There are the standard death threats, Fatwas and threats of violence towards him but just as concerning are comments like this one.

There is currently a gofundme running to raise money for security for the Imam’s home.

My name is Imam Tawhidi. I am a religious Islamic scholar that rebelled against the violence of Sharia Law. I travel the world calling for peace and I work towards ending violence coming from Islamic extremism.

I have been assaulted, abused and recently received news that I have been declared an apostate by a Mufti in Saudi Arabia called Assim Al Hakeem; who said that my death sentence is to be ruled by a panel of Islamic Jurists. I receive death threats on a regular basis. I need security iron grilles installed on my home windows which will cost around $10,000. They will be custom made to fit my home windows, and due to the urgency of my situation it will cost me over $10,000 (14,000). I also need to install security systems around my property, which will cost around $5000.

I am looking to install a heavy duty fence around my property that will prevent any radicals from entering my property. I have had radicals trespass my property before hoping to harm me. The heavy duty fence along with council applications and fees will cost me at least $15,000 (See update for fence). I also need to hire security guards to be able to move around and get all of this done.

A security company in Adelaide is currently providing me with two security guards at a cost of $300 per 4 hours. I also need to upgrade security at my office in Adelaide city, as I have been unable to conduct LIVE shows due to feeling unsafe in the area. I will also need to hire security when in the office. This is a campaign from my association (Islamic Association of SA – not for profit organisation) to keep me alive for as long as possible and to prevent any more attacks or threats directed at me. Your help is appreciated. Thank you Imam Tawhidi


Imam Tawhidi has literally put his life on the line to try to protect Australia from Sharia law. He is a patriotic and extremely brave Australian Muslim.