It is becoming a march now, National voters realise it’s Winston or bust

via 3 News

NewstalkZB has released details of a new survey:

New Zealand First is favoured as a coalition partner for National by virtually the same number who favour National keeping its current three support partners, according to a new online survey.

But a fairly large group also believe National would be better to go with the Green Party, according to the Herald ZB Kantar TNS survey.

Ok, so people who answered the survey aren’t really living with reality are they.

To the question “if National had to go into coalition after the election to form a government, which would work best,” 25 per cent opted for its current support partners, Act, United Future and the Maori Party.

But 24 per cent believed New Zealand First would be best and 17 per cent thought Greens would be best.

The largest group was Not Sure at 34 per cent.

The Greens and National is never going to happen. The only feasible solution is National and NZ First, and people are starting to wake up to that reality.

Most Party Vote poll this term have New Zealand First holding the balance of power and being able to determine whether National is returned for a fourth term or whether Labour will ends its three terms in Opposition.

Another question in the survey, published today, shows that Prime Minister and National leader Bill English is viewed as the most capable leader of running the government by a long margin, with Labour leader Andrew Little second on 10 per cent and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on 9 per cent.

This is why I can’t see Andrew Little leading a new government. Voters just don’t like or even trust him.

A breakdown of the data shows that of those who see as the most?capable, 45 per cent would prefer National to stick with its current partners, 22 per cent favoured New Zealand First and 11 per cent favoured the Greens.

The preferences of Peters’ supporters is emphatic; 76 per cent of them believe New Zealand First would be the best coalition partner for National.

NZ First supporters look a whole lot smarter than some others.

English has not categorically ruled out the Green Party as a potential partner but has said the Greens had effectively ruled themselves out through their agreement with Labour to change the government.

So that idea is a dead duck.