Bill English lends Winston a helping hand by rejecting Maori seats referendum

Bill English lends Winston a helping hand by rejecting Maori seats referendum.

The Prime Minister’s brushing off bottom line demands being made by a potential post-election partner.

Abolition of the seats has been National Party policy in the past, and New Zealand First and its leader Winston Peters have drawn a line in the sand and are wanting a referendum on the abolition of the Maori seats.

But Bill English appears not to be making much of their demand.

“Mr Peters is probably, I think, losing track of his own bottom lines, of which there seems to be dozens, so look we’re not taking that particularly seriously.”

He said his party’s position is reflected by the reality of its coalition with the Maori Party.

“We haven’t made any move to get rid of the Maori seats, and wouldn’t expect to do so.”

Way to go Bill. Hand over the narrative to Winston Peters, help him steal more core National votes, then insult him on the way through.

Things will be interesting come September 24 when all of this is handed back to you, along with your arse, on a plate.

The other thing Bill English has done is hand another few days of headlines to Winston Peters, who gets to enjoy another round of free publicity.

Those backbenchers in National will be sizing up Bill’s back for a new suit made of knives. There is no way National is going to have enough votes for Bill English to ignore Winston Peters.

This policy, more than any other, has caused votes to shift from National to NZ First. After this performance from Bill English even more will move across.