Canadian Social Studies text book contains a terrible lie about Israel

The Toronto District School Board is using a textbook?that contains a terrible lie. As there is zero validity for what the textbook is stating as a fact I can only assume that they are deliberately indoctrinating Canadian children to create a narrative that Israel is an immoral?country. Even more chilling is how the textbook has?omitted the facts about Israel’s enemies who are guilty of the crime that the textbook?falsely?states that Israel is guilty of.

Canada is not the only country to try to influence children’s perceptions about Israel. Recently in Wellington, the word ” Israel” was removed from a song and then three full songs were removed from a musical performed by Artsplash in order to avoid acknowledging its existence.

?Canadian Communities, Past & Present? is a textbook designed for Grade 6 social studies classrooms.

It contains all the usual globalist, crypto-Marxist mumbo-jumbo about things like ?global citizenship.? But it goes one step further.

The textbook names countries in which child soldiers have been used in armed conflict:?”Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq,?Israel, Libya, Mali, and Yemen.”

Did you catch that?

The textbook includes Israel as a country that uses child soldiers.

In truth, the Israeli Defence Forces are one of the most publicly profiled, best funded, and moral armies in the world.

Israel does not use, nor would they ever need to use, child soldiers.

On the other hand, Israel?s enemies’ use of child soldiers is well documented. Yet this Canadian curriculum paints Israel?s army as immoral monsters who recruit children to war…

‘Camp Jihad:’ Indoctrination Of Palestinian Kids Summer Camps and “Palestinian Schools & Media” that teach their youths to kill Jews and eliminate the State of Israel (sponsored by various Palestinian Islamic Terror Organizations)

For some reason, we never hear any discussion of child soldiers in Palestine, but we all very clearly know they exist and that it is nothing new. The PLO, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have for decades used children as fodder to throw rocks, fireworks and explosives at soldiers, as bombers, as lookouts and couriers. Hamas has been even more brazen, publicizing its recruitment of an army of child soldiers. In the current wave of terrorism in Israel and Palestine, we have seen attackers as young as 13 years old. These child soldiers have been called to action by Abu Mazen, The PA, and Hamas who then glorify them to encourage more children to commit attacks.

The undeniable fact is that child soldiers are used by both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in contravention of more international laws than can be reasonably counted. All of this done without a word of international condemnation.

The Canadian textbook is stoking hatred against Israel by spreading lies about it just like the Palestinian Authority. It is indoctrination, not education. They are not following their own policy document which outlines standards to prevent bias which states…

…?content must be free from racial, ethnocultural, religious, regional bias and bias by omission.?

Considering this elementary school textbook falsely claims that Israel uses child soldiers (while omitting to mention her neighbours, who actually do), this textbook does not even meet the TDSB’s own guidelines about bias.

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