Of course there was a record…smug is increasing too

Radio NZ is cock-a-hoop about a record number of gay electric cars being registered.

A record number of electric cars were registered in New Zealand last month.

Almost 280 electric vehicles were registered, the highest in a single month, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority said.

New Zealand now has more than 3700 electric vehicles on the road.

The Authority said it was well on track to reach its goal of 4000 electric vehicles registed by the end of the year.

New engine type definitions have also come into effect this month allowing all types of electric powered vehicles to be identiifed on the register.

The government and industry are pushing for more charging stations and the government has a target of 64,000 electric vehicle registrations by 2021.

The AA has said that charging an electric car costs the equivalent of 30 cents a litre, compared with over $2 a litre for petrol.

Of course there is a record and likely to be continuing records as smug, virtue signalling wankers buy more of these awful cars. Fifteen years ago there was no record as there weren’t any.

The other record being broken is the increasing catastrophic levels of smug.


-Radio NZ