Don Brash tempted to vote NZ First

NBR reports:

Former National Party and ACT leader Don Brash says he’s tempted to switch his allegiance and vote for New Zealand First after its leader Winston Peters called for a binding referendum on abolishing Maori seats.

Dr Brash – who is now a spokesman for lobby group Hobson’s Pledge – has also come out swinging against the government for not already doing so.

At NZ First’s weekend conference, Mr Peters said if his party is elected to power, New Zealanders would be looking at two binding referendums – one on reducing the number of MPs in Parliament to 100 and a second on whether or not the Maori seats should be abolished.

“The fact is Maori don’t need to be told they are not good enough to be equal or that somehow they should be handicapped, that somehow they should be pigeon-holed,” Mr Peters said.

Dr Brash supports a binding referendum on Maori seat as having a separate role for Maori voters is past its use-by date.

I think most New Zealanders want every citizen to be treated equally, irrespective of their race.

Asked if this policy would sway him to vote for New Zealand First, he says it’s “very tempting” but would not reveal if he would actually go that far.

He also took a swipe at National, saying it has been “profoundly disappointing” to see the party’s position on abolishing the Maori seats soften.

He says when he led the party in 2005 National had a policy of scrapping the Maori seats and when John Key headed into the 2008 election the party still had that position.

Unfortunately they haven’t honoured that commitment in government … they have simply ignored their longstanding position on the Maori electorates.”

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Bill English said the policy to do away with the Maori seats had “fallen by the wayside.”

Many, many National voters and centrist voters will be saying the same thing.

This was a cunning plan from Winston Peters.





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