Epic BDS fail

The BDS campaign is a vicious anti-Semitic organisation that does everything it can to attack individual Israelis financially as well as Israeli businesses by demanding boycotts and bans. They have gone after Israeli sports stars and Israeli sports teams and their latest target is Gal Gadot the Israeli actress who played Wonder Woman.

This time however in spite of a huge campaign directed against her by BDS, Gadot has spent her first week at number one on The Hollywood Reporter?s?Top Actors chart.

Much of the Arab world ?cannot stand any Israeli succeeding in anything and as a result Wonder Woman has been banned in Lebanon, Tunisia and in Qatar. In spite of this, as of July 2nd the movie has?grossed? $708,444,475 ?internationally.
This counts as BDS fail
By any metric, Patty Jenkins??Wonder Woman?has been a success. The film enjoyed the?largest-ever opening weekend?for a film directed by a woman. It?s now the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman?in the world. It got an ?A? from?Cinemascore viewers, and?overwhelmingly positive reviews?from critics. The profound wave of positivity is particularly striking when compared to other DC Comics Extended Universe?sibling films, including?Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?and?Suicide Squad.
And now, less than a month after its theatrical release,?Wonder Woman?has overtaken the full-release box-office take of Warner Bros.? other DCEU films in the United States,?The Wrap?reports.?So far,?Wonder Woman?has earned $330.5 million in domestic release, to?Batman v Superman?s previous DCEU record of $330.3 million. Notably,?Wonder Woman?s earnings have hit that mark after less than a month in theaters, while it took?Batman v Superman?84 days.
“Hey BDS, how do ya like them apples?”