Filthy American family of six kicked out of NZ for not making enough money

via RNZ

An American family of six has been forced to leave New Zealand for not meeting financial visa requirements, despite owning a profitable business.

Steve and Nancy Jensen moved to Lower Hutt with their four teenage children in 2013, where they bought a caf? and a half share in the building it’s in.

The Java Point Caf? and Bistro made a profit and employed several staff, but the Jensens say because their profit margins didn’t increase] an “unrealistic” 45 percent in that time, Immigration will not renew their visas.

“It’s the end of a chapter. It’s hard, it’s really hard. The worst part is just what we did now, my kids left their friends, and that was really difficult to watch,” Mr Jensen said.

“[We] felt part of the community…but now that feels as if that’s been ripped out”.

The family wiped back tears at Auckland Airport today before they boarded a 4pm flight to Houston, Texas. The four Jensen children are aged between 16 and 20-years-old.

“I pray and hope that this won’t happen to anybody else because I would hate for anyone else to feel the way I feel now and having to leave their friends and loved ones,” one of the children said.

“To me it would have been nice to have a personal touch. They have to look at things in black and white and to me this wasn’t a black and white issue,” Mr Jensen said.

“A personal touch would’ve hopefully shown them we’re more than just a dollar sign.”

I’m all for enforcement of the regulations. ?We do precious little of it. ? But if this isn’t a case where you have to see the bigger picture, I don’t know what is. ?He employed people. ?He was profitable so generating GST, PAYE and Income tax.

Surely this is the kind of family we do want to come here and give things a go? ? He may not have made enough -yet-, but he clearly has not been a burden on the New Zealand taxpayer.

Of course, had they been from Kiribati and claimed their country was sinking, or from India and claimed they would be killed via an honour killing, they would have been just fine.

Once again the white folks get the pointy end of New Zealand’s stick.