First they import foreign slaves, now they outsource their ads to the Aussies

Labour have made big noises about protecting Kiwi workers, and cracking down on foreign student labour.

Then they imported a whole lot of foreign slaves for their campaign, and now they’ve outsourced their election campaign to an Aussie firm:

Labour has fielded Australia-based ad agency Moss Group for its election campaign, as broadcast advertising for the general election begins next month.

Moss Group creative director Darren Moss has set up a studio in Wellington to drive the party?s election campaign.

NBR?understands Labour wants to showcase leader Andrew Little?and exhibit more of his personal side, including his dog and interests including kayaking.

As well as having a traditional broadcast television ad, Labour is expected to spend 20 times more than it spent on digital advertising through channels such as YouTube and Facebook?in the last election. The party has also enlisted media agency MediaCom.

Labour general secretary Andrew Kirton says Moss Group?had decided to expand into New Zealand?and “we were very happy with their approach, which uses real empirical research on where we think voters are at compared with what we want to portray and our value and policies?and a real no-nonsense approach to getting those messages across.”

‘Politics and voting are?different from selling toothpaste. Consumers or voters have one dollar to spend on one day compared with a marketing campaign in a traditional sense where you start buying things over a period of time,’ he added.

So, Labour prefers Aussies firms over Kiwi firms?

I guess we won’t be hearing any complaints over Crosby|Textor this election now that the Labour party has followed National into outsourcing their campaign advice to Aussies.

Remember people it is only hypocrisy when National do it.