Forbidden music used to spread taqiya about Islam

In an example of extreme cognitive dissonance some Muslim men from a group called Deen Squad wrote and performed a rap song even though singing and music and dancing are haram (forbidden) in Islam.

Dīn (also Deen), an Arabic word and Qur’anic term (دين) meaning “religion”.


Their goal appears to be to convince people in the West that Muslim women who wear the hijab are not oppressed and are superior to uncovered women. They have flaunted Islamic law in order to spread their propaganda.

Lyrics to the Rap song Cover Girl.

She’s a righteous woman
And they don’t like it

…They try to conceal her
But deep down there
They fear her…

The first verse blames non-Muslims for trying” to conceal her” because they ” fear her” when a woman wearing a hijab is concealing herself because of the requirements of her religion.

…Dear Islamophobes, let me put you on blast
You wanna kick the Muslims out, but you know we got class

So called Islamophobes have no problem with individual Muslims. In fact, they are the ones who stand up for Muslim women and children’s rights in the west. They point out where Islam’s values and laws are negatively impacting on people’s human rights.They are critical of the ideology (the ideas) of Islam, not individual Muslims.

This is for my sisters in the west
2017, she ain’t tryna’ be oppressed
She represents peace and she got her own voice
And She’s not forced to wear it, cause she made her own choice

The Muslim women in Iran and in other Islamic countries are forced to wear it and if they don’t they risk death or family violence. Muslim women and girls in the West have been “honour killed” for not wearing it. Just because some Muslim women in free Western countries choose to wear the hijab to set themselves apart from the non-Muslims does not mean that the hijab is not a symbol of oppression, separation and supremacy.

…She got her hair covered
That means you can’t judge her
She got class, she don’t flirt, she don’t exchange numbers
And she a boss, she ain’t rollin’ with these lame brothers
And when she rockin’ that hijab she remain humble

This is all about judging the non-Muslim woman who because she is uncovered is not humble, has no class, flirts and is friends with men. In contrast, the covered woman is superior “she a boss.”

…When she put it on
Her heart is growing strong
But that won’t take nothing away from her

…To all my sisters in the place, with style and faith
Allow me to say, you sihne when you’re miles away
They better say SALAMS if they cross your way

Or I’mma show ‘em who’s boss today (Hey, hey!)
Why you’re messing with the righteous sisters?

Why you acting like the head-scarf
Wasn’t worn by the Jews and Christians?
Cover girls got dreams with no limits
That’s why Ibtihaj done made it in the Olympics

Despite the limits imposed on her by Islam Ibtihaj made it to the Olympics. If there were no limits she would not have been required to perform in a hijab that can only hinder her performance. The country that gave her the opportunity to compete was not an Islamic country under Sharia law but a free Western democracy where no limits are imposed on women in sport apart from the ones that they and their ideology impose on them.

US Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad

And she braver and alot more
Women in the prophet’s days even fought wars
She striving, she keep believing
She rock that head-scarf like the Mother of Jesus
And that’s her freedom. She knows her reason
She reppin’ Islam and she gives it a meaning
You struggled through a test on earth
Now your spot in Heaven is reserved

-lyrics to Cover Girl

So, in summary, the message of the haram song is that Muslim women wearing a hijab:

  • are righteous
  • feared
  • have class
  • are humble
  • can’t be judged (superior) ” she a boss”
  • don’t flirt
  • Have a strong heart
  • demand respect
  • have no limits on their dreams
  • are no different to Jews and Christian women because the mother of Jesus wore a scarf on her head.
  • are braver than non-Muslim women
  • fought wars in the time of the Prophet Muhammad  (taqiya)
  • have freedom
  • Give Islam a good reputation
  • Have guaranteed their place in heaven



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