Gender switching “Mother” gives birth to genderless child

In another example of a non-traditional family, a non-binary trans person gave birth to a baby recently. This person then decided that being confused about their own gender identity was not enough and that they would impose this confusion onto their baby by refusing to give their son or daughter a gender. This is child abuse plain and simple. It is no different to me giving birth to my ethnically Lebanese dark-haired daughter and telling her that it is up to her to decide if she is blonde and African. If I then bring her up in a way that makes her think that she is African and blonde by ignoring all facts to the contrary how confused and messed up psychologically will she end up?

Kori Doty, a Canadian parent who identifies as a ?non-binary trans person,? is working to make her/his newborn baby, Searyl Atli, the first newborn registered as ?gender unknown.? Doty identifies as neither gender and uses the pronoun ?they.? Doty gave birth to Searyl last November.

…I?m raising Searyl in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are, I?m recognizing them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.

Our sex/gender is not a restrictive box, it is our biological reality. By allowing people who have a mental illness to believe that their delusion is real, society has created this situation. Because as a society we have confused compassion with acceptance, a normal child will now be exposed to a mentally abusive environment where they will be expected to decide whether or not they agree with the reality of their gender.

…Doty believes that assigning a child?s sex at birth is a human rights violation.

…A person?s gender impels his or her inclinations in life, personality, life decisions, interests and so much more. By denying this to her child, Doty is actually the one violating her child?s rights to grow into the person the child was meant to be. This will inevitably lead to many psychological problems in the child?s life, and there?s no other way to categorize that other than child abuse.

…this is not one isolated case…Last month…another Canadian province, Ontario, passed a law that allows the government to take your child away if you, as a parent, use the child?s biological gender?s pronoun, rather than their preferred one. This act, ironically called ?The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act,? passed through the Ontario legislature by an enormous margin of 63 to 23.

This is a sign of a much larger picture of how our society is on a cultural decline.

Today, on July 4, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, whose foundation, and, by extension, America?s foundation, consists of ?the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature?s God entitle them???

Doty?s case, and the transgender movement as a whole, is completely antithetical to this concept. When one chooses to assign their own gender or their child?s, they fight natural law and replace it with their own warped reality. And while transgenderism is something that should be understood and helped, pushing it to the point of the rest of the world having to accept is a recipe for disaster and a sure way to see civil society collapse.