Good news from the UK

Despite losing to a very ornery Theresa May campaign, many on the left think Jeremy Corbyn actually won, and that it is just a matter of time before they take over.

We see this at the moment with Labour here.

Nonetheless there is some very good news from the UK:

I still think that May should have pre-announced her resignation on 9 June, and that her??1bn deal with the Democratic Unionists?is nonsense on very wobbly stilts. But the Conservatives have made a clear collective decision to play it long, on the assumption that Corbynmania will fade, that the Tory message will be broadcast more effectively, and that the PM?s incumbency will be reinforced by geopolitical sandbags such as President Trump?s promise on Saturday to deliver a?post-Brexit US-UK trade deal ?very, very quickly?.

That said, there is an alternative Tory interpretation of ?playing it long? that ascribes a, shall we say, lesser role to May. Andrew Mitchell, who is close to David Davis, is reported to have?described her?at a private gathering as ?dead in the water?. This is not an uncommon sentiment, though it leads different mutineers to different conclusions about when May should go and who should replace her. What unites them is a determination to postpone the next election for as long as possible.

In response, Corbyn needs first and foremost to be realistic about the likely form, content and brutality of the next campaign. Expect May?s?new communications director, Robbie Gibb, to bring grip and imagination to the task. Money is pouring into Conservative campaign headquarters, new electoral themes are being framed and tested, and previously muzzled ministers are being actively encouraged by No 10 to tear into Labour. There is nothing so ruthless as a cornered Tory.

Nothing like blood in the water to motivate the sharks.

Nice to see the Tories bringing brutality back into politics.


-The Guardian