Greens apologise for their immigration policy, despite having the right approach

” Don’t shoot “

James Shaw has joined David Cunliffe in the group of politicians who made apologies for things they shouldn’t have apologised for.

At least James Shaw’s apology wasn’t cringe-worthy:

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has apologised for the way he announced his party’s immigration policy last year after complaints that the Greens were pandering to anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Shaw said his party had now abandoned its immigration policy, and was focused on steering the public debate on migration in New Zealand towards values rather than numbers.

After commissioning research last year, the Greens proposed capping migration at 1 per cent of population growth, saying that the Government’s proposed cuts did not go far enough.

Speaking at the Federation of Multicultural Councils’ annual general meeting yesterday, Shaw said it was an attempt to shift the public debate towards an evidence-based approach in order to counter growing anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“Unfortunately, by talking about the numbers rather than about the values, I made things worse.

“Because the background terms of the debate are now so dominated by anti-immigrant rhetoric, when I dived into numbers and data, a lot of people interpreted that as pandering to the rhetoric, rather than trying to elevate the debate and pull it in a different direction.”

Actually James, you moron, the way you looked at the issue, based on facts, figures and without emotion ?is the way that all policies should be approached.

Now all you’ve done is tell us that you will in fact pander to minorities and people who tweet furiously.

Shaw told the audience he was “mortified” at the accusations by migrant groups because his party prided itself on being the most pro-migrant party in Parliament. He said he was sorry for the effect it might have had on migrant communities.

“Migrants are not to blame for the social and economic ills of this country. Migrants are not to blame for the housing crisis. Migrants are not to blame for our children who go to school hungry. Migrants are not to blame for the long hospital wait lists. Migrants are not to blame for our degraded rivers.

“It is the government’s failure to plan for the right level of infrastructure and services that has caused this.”

Shaw told the Herald today that the Green Party was now reviewing its immigration policy, and it had abandoned the idea of tying migration to population growth. The party’s position and public statements would place more emphasis on what migrants meant to New Zealand, rather than focusing narrowly on how many people were arriving on these shores.

What an idiot. Instead of a principled, fact based approach to immigration he is now pandering to carping, ungrateful, immigrants.

The policy, which was tied to planning and forecast growth was the right approach.

Now they are back to dopey knee-jerk policies.

All this now shows is that if you erupt into a Twitter storm of faux outrage you can get the Green party to change their mind.

In that regard, I guess, they are no different from any other party now.


-NZ Herald