Greens campaign strategy blows up in their face

If you vote Labour then you are voting to include the Greens in government. They have a MOU and they want to work together.

On the weekend Metiria Turei attacked NZ First and since then things have gone from bad to worse.

Green MP Barry Coates says the party would refuse to support a Labour-NZ First Government – and even indicated the Greens would even be prepared to force another election to stop it.

In an extraordinary move, Mr Coates has said a Labour-NZ First Government would be “unacceptable” to the Greens.

Asked by Newshub if this meant forcing the country back to the polls for another election, Mr Coates responded: “It could do.” ?

Mr Coates also said Green MPs had discussed refusing to support a Labour-NZ First combination as a caucus in the past fortnight.

[Labour-NZ First] could not count on the support of the Green Party there is no automatic support that is provided for a Government under those circumstances,” Mr Coates said.

Mr Coates was responding to a?post on The Daily Blog?where he said: “The memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Labour is the foundation for building the next Government. If we were not part of the coalition, we would not accept a Labour-New Zealand First Government and certainly not a National-New Zealand First Government. Neither will be acceptable to the Greens.”

He will not have said that unless it was with the tacit approval of at least one of the leaders. The other leader, James Shaw, meanwhile is trying to hose down the burning electoral fire Turei and Coates have lit.

Green co-leader James Shaw is “imagining some scenarios” of how to punish his newest MP, over suggestions the Greens might force a second election.

Barry Coates, the former head of Oxfam NZ who replaced Kevin Hague in Parliament last year, said the Green Party would refuse to support a Labour-NZ First Government, if the Greens weren’t formally invited to be a part of the coalition.

If that meant forcing the country back to the polls, so be it.

Mr Shaw, himself a first-term MP, said that would not happen.

“We have no intention of forcing an early election,” he told The AM Show on Thursday morning.

“We are committed to changing the Government, but we only want to change it once in the next three years.”

He said it was up to the party’s leadership to make calls on coalition arrangements, not “new MPs”.

That is quite the slap down, but again, I suggest Coates would not have said what he said unless he thought he had the backing of membership and caucus.

The problem of course is that he has said it, and he has said the caucus has discussed it. Therefore one can assume that this idea has considerable traction and it is James Shaw out in the cold.

Chris Trotter sums up how the electorate would react to such a move:

Because there can be little doubt that the electorate would punish the Greens mercilessly for landing them with such an unwelcome Christmas present. The voters would reward the Green Party?s dog-in-the-manger irresponsibility by hurling it unceremoniously out of Parliament ? a place to which it would struggle to return.

A vote for Labour is also a vote for the Green lunatics. That MOU must really grate with Andrew Little now.

Personally, I hope that Barry Coates is right…the carnage would be incredible.



-Bowalley Road, Newshub