Surprise! Greens promise to outspend National… AND Labour! (It’s only tax after all)

via NZ Herald

The Green Party is set to announce one of its most ambitious policies, which it hopes will put New Zealand on the path ending poverty.

It is understood the policy, to be revealed at its AGM [today], will go much further than simply increasing support for lower-income families. It will also aim to change a culture of “beneficiary-bashing” in New Zealand by reversing some of the most punitive changes introduced over successive governments.

Ahead of the conference in Auckland, Green co-leader Metiria Turei described it as one of the most important Green policies in her 15 years in Parliament.

It comes after National and Labour announced major policy packages to support families over the last two months. National’s $2b package centred on tax cuts, while Labour promised to scrap those cuts and spend more on social services.

The Greens say their new policy goes beyond simple changes to Working for Families or other entitlements. A spokeswoman said it was a “transformational” policy which aims to lay out a path to ending hardship in New Zealand for good.

There are some limits to what Turei can promise. As part of the Greens’ Memorandum of Understanding with Labour, it has promised to adhere to strict spending limits if in government, including successive budget surpluses and reducing debt to 20 per cent of GDP within five years.

How pointless really, for the Green party to announce policies such as these.  For one, they are most likely to not ever be in government.  Second, their share of the power around a cabinet table wouldn’t allow the policy to survive intact.  Third, they can’t get that policy to run without Winston.

Night night nurse.


– Isaac Davison, NZ Herald


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