Guest Post – The danger of historic apologies, and one that is looming in the future

In the last few years our Government has had to apologise for doing what seemed perfectly normal at the time.? Not only have they had to apologise they have had to pay out huge sums of money for the so-called wrongs done to people.? I am old enough to be able to look back at the social changes in our society, and how we have somehow made the normal at the time things look evil now.? Some were definitely evil then too, but I don?t expect the current Government, or Doctors, or teachers or whatever, apologise for evil done to me.? If I did, I would probably be very rich indeed! ?

If I draw up a list of things that have been done to me over the lifetime that are not now socially acceptable it looks like this.

  • Rape by a policeman ? didn?t report it as I knew I would not be believed.
  • Being able to cuddle an asbestos covered pipe in the ancient Nightingale ward at Dunedin Hospital when I had been shouted at by the ward sister, and refused permission to go for lunch. Nice warm pipes in mid winter were wonderful solace against bullying.
  • Being a patient of the National Women?s Carcinoma in Situ research without my knowledge
  • Having an anaesthetic that didn?t work during major surgery and can still remember all the derogatory remarks and dirty jokes made by the surgeon on the state of my uterus and fallopian tubes
  • Being put on Depo-Provera twice a week instead of six monthly by the gynaecologist who was certified insane several weeks later ? and no-one checked back on what he had prescribed his patients as his mental health deteriorated.
  • One of the lead Doctors in the National Women?s research team tried certifying me and sending me to Lake Alice without examining me. – it was the Depo-Provera causing the problem.
  • ECT being forced upon me with no anaesthetic fifteen consecutive days, leaving me with a stuffed memory for names. And I was not depressed, just not compliant (refused to go to Lake Alice)

And so on.? And I am not unique ? I have just been around a while!

But imagine the furore now we have learnt to like suing the Government, that there will be in the future, perhaps in twenty or thirty years, when all those who are dissatisfied with their gender re-assignment, lack of fertility, mental illness and probably stunted growth from being reassigned as children.

My heart bleeds for the psychological mess that many of these reassigned individuals may become.? I would be very afraid if I were the psychologists, endocrinologists etc involved in this terrible travesty of medicine.

If I were supporting this mad theory I would make sure I paid a lot of insurance for malpractice suits for the rest of my life.? And have an excellent savings scheme for when I have to leave the health industry under a very dark cloud.

There is a difference between cutting edge medicine and lunacy!? And the lack of ethical debate in amongst all of this is breathtaking.

We must not endanger the future of our young people by supporting this mad belief system.


-Frances Denz