Hate speech is not the fire it is the smoke

Instead of looking at what is causing the fire Western governments are passing laws to regulate the smoke. So-called “Hate speech” is on the increase in western countries but governments instead of addressing the root cause are instead putting all their energy into controlling the by-product. They are fighting the secondary problem rather than the primary cause.

The German government has tried to disguise their crack down on Hate speech on Social media as a crack down on things like?Nazi symbols or Holocaust denial. What really is driving them is an attempt to silence criticism of the ideology of Islam as well as anti-Muslim and anti-migrant sentiments on social Media.

Muslims have lived in Germany for a long time but it was only when unchecked mass Muslim migration poured over Germany’s borders bringing with it rape, child abuse, violence and murder that many Germans started to resent and fear Muslims and Islam itself.

The German government cannot expect the German people to not be affected by its actions. Germans are being kicked out of rental housing to make way for migrants and some have been forced into living in tents. Supermarkets have gone out of business as German police cannot prevent migrants from raiding them and robbing them blind. Girls and women have been assaulted and gang raped and killed. Social workers helping migrants have been murdered. Migrants have burned down the housing provided for them. People who have welcomed migrants into their homes have been murdered. Men and boys have been raped. ?The government has forcibly taken landlords’ property off them stomping all over owners property rights. The social and economic upheaval caused by Merkel’s government has been massive. Hate speech is simply the smoke caused by the fire of unchecked mass Muslim migration.

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities recently?confiscated?six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. The units, which are owned by a private landlord, are in need of repair and have been vacant since 2012. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them ? against the will of the owner ? to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland?said?that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.