Home detention for punching a baby?

This sentence beggars belief:

A four-month-old baby girl was punched in the stomach so hard her small intestine was perforated before splitting open.

The man responsible has been sentenced to 11 months home detention and ordered to do a parenting course.


A parenting course and 11 months at home, how on earth is that going to do anything?

A 24-year-old Tawa man, whose name is suppressed to protect the identity of his daughter, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on December 15, 2015.

Wellington District Court judge Peter Butler said the man, his wife and the baby shared a room and he looked after the infant while his wife worked.

This caused the intestine to split and before separated from other organs.

Two days later the baby girl became unwell, began vomiting and refused to feed. The man and his wife took her to a medical centre and the doctor noticed bruising on her back that extended around her ribcage.

Hospital tests showed gas in her abdominal cavity and surgery was needed to fix the injury.

The judge said the surgeon said she was extremely lucky to have survived the blow and she would have died if she had not been brought to the hospital.

What sort of an animal does that to a baby?

The man initially claimed he knew nothing about it but in a later interview with the police said he had become frustrated that she would not settle and he gave her a bear hug until she stopped breathing. He then shook her.

However he denied hitting her.

The judge said he was the child’s father and owed her a duty of protection and care and he was lucky she survived.

He said the baby had recovered.

The judge on Wednesday sentenced to man to 11 months’ home detention and ordered to do a parenting course.

Unbelievable. Bash a kid almost to death and you get a wet bus ticket lightly caressing your wrist. And people wonder why people have lost faith in the court system.