Labour will scrap national standards in education and Principals are over the moon about it

The Labour party has said that they will scrap national standards in education. Clearly they don’t believe in standards so out they go.

The NZ Principals Federation jizzed their pants over it. This was their headline:

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF) President, Whetu Cormick, is delighted at Labour’s announcement that they would scrap national standards if they become the Government in September.

‘We never supported national standards for our young people and I’m thrilled to see Labour would get rid of them,’ he said.

The Labour party’s education manifesto shifts the direction for education towards a quality public system.

I wonder how you can have quality without standards? It seems Labour and their teacher unions wings think they can.

‘For the past ten years we have seen neo-liberal policies introduced here that follow the privatisation agenda of the Global Reform Movement,’ said Cormick.

‘We don’t need the privatisation agenda of the US or the UK where private charter and academy schools have replaced high performing public schools and standardisation has reduced success rates,’ he said.

What privatisation agenda? I haven’t seen any proposal to privatise the education sector and how are standards part of that agenda anyway?

‘New Zealanders value individuality, supporting our strugglers and extending our bright young people through a rich broad curriculum,’ he said. ‘Our young people are multi-talented, differently talented and come from a diverse range of cultures. We welcome differences! Standardisation does not sit comfortably in our diverse nation,’ he said

Cormick also welcomed Labour’s policy to get rid of charter schools.

‘No one called for private charter schools and they drain much needed resources for our public schools,’ he said.

No one called for unions to interfere in schooling either. What a stupid statement.

Charter Schools continue to show up dead shit state schools, that’s why they must go. Can’t have other schools out performing the state and union controlled schools now can we.