Legal drug dealer Tamati Coffey upset about being barred from Kapa Haka event


Rotorua bar owner Tamati Coffey is not allowed to ply his political wares at a Kapa Haka meet.

Labour Waiariki candidate Tamati Coffey says it is a “missed opportunity” after he was denied a political stall at tomorrow’s Te Arawa Secondary Schools Kapa Haka Competition.

But the event’s committee is standing by its decision, saying the competition is about kapa haka, and nothing else.

Mr Coffey took to Facebook last night to air his concerns about not being allowed to set up a stall at the event.

“Come on whanau! It’s election year!! With 1 million of our people not voting in the last election, we have to seize every opportunity to talk to our whanau and rangatahi to educate them about politics and how we can use our voice [and our vote] to make change,” the post read.

“You better believe that the wealthy elite of this country are teaching their kids how to make life better for themselves. And yet, stupid committee decisions like this take away the opportunity for us to inspire our whanau to get involved and ask questions.”

So Labour will teach your unwealthy downtrodden children how to make life better for themselves at a Kapa Haka meet. ? Charming. ?

“Oh man, let the tamariki do their thing without the politics – this post is the very reason organising committee has ‘banned’ political parties. You’ve lost sight of the kaupapa already. Our kids especially those that hit that stage are already inspired, by their whanau/hapu/iwi, their kura and aspirational kaiako,” one person wrote.

Tamati only trades on his Maori-ness for votes. ?Let’s not actually believe that this is about anything else.

Speaking with the Rotorua Daily Post, Mr Coffey said he stood by his words.

“I acknowledge the hard work that goes into this event from the students to the committee and the volunteers. It was never our intention to steal the show, we just wanted to have a few flags and pamphlets.

“Our job is to get out to where the people are. We are at markets every week but not many people are going … This would have been a great opportunity for us to engage with whanau.

Dude, you’re as welcome as a rapist at a Women’s Refuge.

The fact you think Labour is entitled to insert itself into Kapa Haka event just reflects you are totally disconnected from the community you pretend to serve.

You should just go to the Kapa Haka event and leave your two flags and brochures in the car.



– Stephanie Arthur-Worsop, NZ Herald