New Zealand Political Parties’ stance on Marijuana simplified

The MSM has written about where our political parties stand on cannabis law reform this election year but it is a multi-layered subject and needs to be simplified?and broken down to make it as easy as possible for voters to see which party has views most in line with their own.

One layer of the debate is decriminalisation which means that if you get caught in possession of a small quantity of the drug instead of being arrested you will get a warning and perhaps a fine and perhaps may be forced to seek treatment. It will still be illegal to grow cannabis or to sell it but for a small amount, you won’t get a criminal record.

New Zealand political parties that support decriminalisation of cannabis are:

The other layer of the debate is the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.
New Zealand political parties that support medical cannabis are:

  • The Green Party support legalisation of medicinal cannabis and restricted personal use.
  • The Labour Party supports moves to lift restrictions on medicinal cannabis
  • The Mana Party??supports access to medicinal cannabis
  • The New Zealand First Party supports “the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes when made available under prescription from a health professional.”
  • The National Party doesn’t have any specific pro-reform plans except tweaks to the medicinal cannabis regime.They recently removed restrictions around the provision of medicinal cannabis, allowing doctors to prescribe a product containing cannabidiol (CBD).

Two people in a legal marijuana store


The final layer of the debate is the legalisation of the drug so it will be regulated in a similar manner to alcohol.

New Zealand political parties that support legalisation of cannabis are:

The Act Party

David Seymour has said he would legalise cannabis but, in his view, public opinion was not in support of a full scale repeal of the law. The party doesn’t have an official policy but has called for informed debate, indicating a pro-reform stance.


The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party supports?full legalisation and commercialisation of cannabis for “recreational, spiritual, medicinal and industrial purposes.”

**Winston Peters is the only political leader who supports a Cannabis referendum.