It is not often this clown is right, but he’s nailed this one

Peter Dunne is a clown, and often pontificates and preens himself as he lurches from one grandstanding position to the next.

However, he’s got this one right:

If Peter Dunne’s vote is the one that decides the next Government, say hello to another three years of National.

In a fiery condemnation of Andrew Little’s Labour, Mr Dunne has branded the party “unelectable” and said any Government they’re a part of, even with United Future on side, would be “disastrous”.

“It would be a shambles of a Government, given its likely composition, and I don’t think it would be in New Zealand’s interests to allow it to happen,” Mr Dunne told The AM Show on Thursday.

“This is not the Cullen-Clark Government that I worked with. This is not the Labour Party that I worked with.

“I’ve worked with Labour Governments for about 12 years. I’ve worked with National Governments for about 12 years. This current Labour Party is simply unelectable. It doesn’t have the capability, it doesn’t have the policy and it doesn’t have the leadership.

On current polling, Labour would need bitter rivals the Greens and New Zealand First to form a Government – and perhaps even Mr Dunne, provided he wins the knife-edge ?h?riu seat.

Asked directly if he could rule out backing a Labour-led Government, Mr Dunne said he didn’t have to.

“If I say they are unelectable, they would be a disastrous Government, they’ve got no leadership, they’ve got no policy, you expect me to support them? If you want me to say the words ‘I rule it out’, I will, but it’s pretty clear from what I said that’s not necessary. It’s pretty obvious, I would have thought.”

I don’t believe for a minute that he wouldn’t work with Labour. His motto after all these years is “I’d rather be there, anywhere, than nowhere.”

Unfortunately for Peter Dunne, his time is up. He’s of no use to man or beast anymore.

Never trust a man who wears a bowtie or drives a clean ute.