People don’t change governments when they are satisfied

The opposition would have you believe that NZ is shit and we all want a change.

There is a problem with that assessment…we actually think life in NZ is pretty good. Statistics NZ has released their General Social Survey:

Most New Zealanders say they are highly comfortable with their lives, Stats NZ said today. Around 83 percent rated their overall life satisfaction at 7 or above on a 0?10 scale. The result was similar in 2014.

Kiwis also say they have a strong sense of belonging to family and to country, according to New Zealand?s biggest survey of well-being ? the General Social Survey (GSS).

Freedom, rights, and peace; and the natural scenery and environment, rated as extremely important factors in defining New Zealand, the survey of almost 9,000 New Zealanders shows. However, older people were more likely than young people to rate farming as extremely important in defining New Zealand.

The GSS was carried out around the country in 2016/17. The first survey was conducted in 2008/09.

In the latest GSS about 18 percent of New Zealanders said they had more than enough money to meet everyday needs, up from around 13 percent in 2008. Just under 11 percent of people said they did not have enough money to meet their needs for housing, food, clothing, and necessities. This was down from the 15 percent who said they did not have enough for the basics in 2008.

?The economy was shrinking in 2008, with GDP down in each quarter that year and the unemployment rate rising too,? senior analyst Dr Rosemary Goodyear said. ?In contrast, in 2016 the economy grew more than 3 percent.?

As well as asking about having enough to live on, the GSS also asked if people had good health, were lonely, or had problems with their housing. In 2016, just under one-quarter (24 percent) of New Zealanders had good outcomes in all four of these aspects of life. However, almost 5 percent did not have good outcomes in any of these.

The Herald also reports:

Only a quarter of Kiwis have all four elements of well-being – good relationships, housing, finances and health, a survey has revealed.

Most New Zealanders are happy with life and have enough money. About 83 per cent rate their life satisfaction as seven or above.

The largest social survey in New Zealand, the General Social Survey, was released this morning by Statistics NZ.

Its purpose is to measure individuals’ perceptions of their life, looking beyond purely economic reasons.

And the stats say we are pretty happy with our lot.

Governments do not change when people are satisfied.

When asked to define New Zealand many Kiwis placed their freedom, rights, peace and the natural scenery and environment at the top of the list.

Pacific people were twice as likely to rate sports as extremely important in defining New Zealand.

Around half of Maori rated Maori culture as 10 out of 10 importance, but only a quarter of the total population gave it the same rating.

Good news for Winston there, with his referenda policy to remove Maori seats.


-Statistics NZ, NZ Herald