Please welcome your new overlords (aka National’s 2017 party list)

Political blogs also need to cover the mundane stuff. ?So when National released the party list I knew that was something I had to tick off. ?I also know Pinko Farrar needs a change of underwear when these things happen and he does a much better job of it. ?To wit:

Awesome job, don’t you think? ? Let’s see what else David had to say.

If National got the same vote as in 2014, and electorates do not change, the new MPs will be:

  1. Nicola Willis, list
  2. Agnes Loheni, list
  3. Paulo Garcia, list
  4. Matt King, list
  5. Simeon Brown, Pakuranga
  6. Andrew Falloon, Rangitata
  7. Harete Hipango, Whanganui
  8. Denise Lee, Maungakiekie
  9. Chris Penk, Helensville
  10. Erica Stanford, East Coast Bays
  11. Tim Van de Molen, Waikato
  12. Lawrence Yule, Tukituki
  13. TBA, Clutha-Southland

The way our own polling and sticking the wet finger in the air is going, it seems Nuk Korako will not make it back unless Chris Bishop wins his seat outright.

Incidentally, National also increased the women on the list, all without a Man Ban.


– Kiwiblog