“Prestigious” law school in Sydney advocates for Sharia law

The separation of Church and State is a fundamental part of our Western society so it is shocking to read that a “prestigious” law school in Sydney is advocating for Sharia law to be recognised by the Australian legal system.

The Muslim population of Australia is 2.6% of the population ( 600,000 people) which is a huge 77% increase in only ten years. Despite being such a tiny part of the population Islamic law has already infiltrated a Sydney law school and pressure is already being applied to recognise a legal system that is totally at odds with the values and human rights supported by Western civilisation.

lecturers , Dr Ghena Krayem and Salim Farrar.

The course is based?on a book written by lecturers , Dr Ghena Krayem and Salim Farrar. They say that ??accommodation? of sharia is not enough and that, as a liberal democratic society, Australia should recognise?Sharia law.

The course argues for?the removal of polygamy laws and explains that Sharia does not recognise a minimum age in marriage.

The activist lecturers are essentially saying that 2.6% of Australia’s population?should have the right to use and enforce a?legal system that flys in the face of everything that a liberal democratic society stands for. For example,?you cannot enforce Australian laws against pedophilia?while simultaneously ‘recognising’ child marriage under Sharia law.

Hands up if you think Sharia law and a denial of human rights are interlinked.

An appropriate place for University of Sydney students to learn about Sharia law would be in the history department. In the History department, it could be compared to other legal structures from the far distant past and put in its place as a barbaric system from an uncivilised pre-enlightenment age.

…nations currently governed by sharia law ? Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran and Iraq among them ? are also notably backward when it comes to elemental human rights. This is not an accident. Sharia law and a denial of human rights are interlinked.

For example, while Australia has conducted an impressively civilised debate over the merits or otherwise of same-sex marriage, nations under sharia law apply the death penalty for homosexuality. The same penalty also applies for adultery or illicit sexual relationships. Turn against Islam and you might also face execution.

Nations under sharia law apply the death penalty for homosexuality.

Homosexuals Hanged in open roads of Iran for being Gay- SHARIA LAW strikes again! | The Rising Soul

… two courses at Sydney University?s law school call for elements of sharia law to be recognised in Australia?s mainstream legal system, including allowances for polygamy and lowering the age of consent.?

…The book also slams the Australian legal system for refusing to recognise the religious significance of paying a woman a fee to marry her, which would seem to undermine just slightly the claim that common law and sharia can coexist.
?Where found guilty of transgressing Western values, for example in gender equality, or violating national security, courts have clearly communicated their denunciation of ?traditional? or conservative Muslim values when sentencing, dispensing exemplary sentences and announcing aggravating factors, even when the written law does not explicitly demand it,? the book states.

Australian laws are based on Western values because those are the values of Australia. Sharia, which follows religious rather than legislative principles, is by definition impossible to reconcile with those values.

… Sharia belongs in the past, not the future.