Race based quotas at Auckland University for medicine as well

My article yesterday?with the headline “Insulting Race based discrimination at Auckland University” was very popular judging by the number of comments and some people wanted to know if the racial discrimination included the study of medicine.

image -Auckland University European Students Association facebook page

The same day my post went live a prospective University of Auckland student of Indian descent sent the following message to the Auckland University European Students Association facebook page.

“As a non-Pacific student, intending to study Medicine; there is nothing more demoralising to know that your dream of becoming a doctor may be shattered by an ethnic quota. Professor Mantell attempted to justify the ethnic-preference scheme by stating,
“…some Maori patients were more likely to comply with treatment from a Maori doctor”It is immature and truly harmful that diversity is being prioritised for entrance into Medical School, over medical knowledge.”

Imagine the outrage there would be if someone stated that some white skinned people are more likely to comply with treatment from a white skinned doctor or that some Kiwis who are ethnically Dutch or German or Swedish are more likely to comply with treatment from a Dutch or German or Swedish doctor? When the situation is reversed it sounds incredibly bigoted and racist yet when the racism is for the benefit of Maori or Pacific Islanders we are supposed to ignore it.

I have been treated by doctors of both?genders and from different races. My comfort level with them has always been related to their bedside manner not the colour of their skin, their gender or their race. The most compassionate and caring doctor Cam and I have ever encountered is Dr John Ng from Sommerville Surgery in Meadowlands. He is not ethnically Lebanese/German like me or ethnically Scottish like Cam but he is a fantastic doctor and that is all that matters.

Quota systems are still in place at the University of Auckland which offers places to those of either Maori or “indigenous Pacific” heritage. That is to say that special places are offered not only to Maori, but any Polynesian immigrant that can successfully gain permanent residence. This is not only a disgrace towards Asians, Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterners etc, but it is a disgrace to Maori and Polynesians because it tells them that they do not have the same intellectual capacity as everyone else.

The Auckland University European Students Association is calling on the?New Zealand Human Rights Commission?to investigate this as an example of racial discrimination. I expect Dame Susan Devoy to ‘keep an eye’ on these issues and we expect a statement from her, otherwise she is failing to address the issue of racism in this country.

-AUESA FB page