A reader emails about what voters think

Dear Cam,

I have been reading your ?what voters think? articles. As normal people make it all too complicated.

First National will gain the largest number of votes. The challenge is to provide a counter to ensure with Winston providing the backbone by canceling out the effect of ACT, United and the ?Maori Party to ensure National acts more in line with National ?s previously stated policies. Closely related strategy to English recently asking people to vote for ACT but for different reasons.

The answer is simple. If sufficient of us who previously voted National swing to Winston then what are the various scenarios;

  • Previous occasions Winston has said he would go with the party which gains the largest number of votes.
  • I am confident Winston will not be made PM in a National/NZ First coalition. Possibly DPM, but hey if Bennett can be Deputy? More likely Foreign affairs
  • Hopefully, the negotiations between the parties would reach an agreement among other things on a Referendum on the Maori Seats. Probably a last chance. National can say it was not our idea it?s just MMP at work.
  • It was notable that English recently ignored the Maori Party but supported ACT and United as parties he had worked with previously and would like back in Parliament. Very telling he ignored them when the RMA was passed instead of using the Maori Party? Oh to have had Winnie there.
  • Labour at this stage is Dog Tucker. The only real interest is whether Little will get back in.
  • Hopefully, we will also see the back of the Hypocritical Turei. If Barclay has to resign why not her?
  • I am also confident in any National/NZ First coalition the general thrust of existing economic policies will continue. I have never voted for Winnie before. Had no need to but he is cunning, NOT stupid.

Couple of questions ;

  • What is the possibility of someone like what?s his name McCready taking a case against Turei if WINZ takes no action
  • Re the UN Resolution affecting Israel. When so called relations were restored it was reported that after negotiations the Israelis said ?Yes? but we want something in writing from the Government. Has that letter been published or requested under the OIA ?


These are some of my thoughts on that email:

  • True, Winston has always tried to do a deal with the party with the largest support. His preference is for a coalition with just two parties.
  • I doubt Winston Peters would want Foreign Affairs.
  • National has no Maori seats as a policy before, they will be able to use coalition negotiations to say “they were forced into it…sorry, but that is MMP”.
  • I think it is more likely that Bill fluffed his lines.
  • Yes, Labour is done. At 23% Little exits parliament.
  • Turei will stay, she is a weapons grade hypocrite…unless she is charged and prosecuted, then she is gone.
  • Agree

As for the two questions:

  • McCready is a left-wing agitator, no chance.
  • Who knows. It’s possible.