Rebel Media petition success: Terrible lie about Israel removed from textbook

Earlier I wrote about the terrible lie inside a Canadian Social Studies textbook that claimed that Israel was amongst the countries that use child soldiers. Not only did the textbook?include that lie it did not include?Palestine as a country that uses child soldiers even though it does.

A campaign update: Recently?The Rebel?started a petition at? In our sights was a Grade 6 social studies textbook called ?Canada and the Global Community.?

…it included anti-Israel propaganda which stated that child soldiers have been used in Israel.

As I pointed out in my last video, that claim is categorically false.

While Israel?s enemies such as?Hamas DO use children?in combat, the Israel Defence Force has a minimum age for enlistment pegged at 18 (a global standard among civilized nations).

In our petition, we asked that Nelson Books Limited (the publishers of this textbook) amend the respective sections ? and they have done just that.

According to a widely distributed letter addressed to schools that utilize the book, the Senior Publisher at Nelson admits:

?The State of Israel should not have been included in this listing in the first place, as it does not employ child soldiers.?

Nelson goes on to ?apologize for any confusion,” and promises to ?remove ?Israel? from the text? in future printings,” recommending that schools ?make a notation of [the] error in the book so that students and teachers alike may not be ill informed.?

-Rebel Media