So, not the food then?

Council lunch for Pacifika leaders?

Apparently it wasn’t the food at KFC that hospitalised these punters:

Two KFC diners have been hospitalised after inhaling fumes at a Canterbury restaurant.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand shift manager Andrew Norris said crew attended the Rolleston eatery on Saturday morning to investigate reports of an “unusual smell”.

So, not the chicken then?

The KFC was initially evacuated but fire crew soon established that a contractor working on site a day earlier had created glue or resin fumes.

The KFC was ventilated and the fumes didn’t pose an ongoing risk, he said.

St John Ambulance duty centre manager Bruce Chubb said five patients were assessed at the scene, and two were taken to Christchurch Hospital for observation.

A staffer at KFC declined to comment.

Labour will be sighing with relief, their plans for ongoing treating of the missing million remain unaltered.


-NZ Herald